Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

New version of 'Gogokokoroko'

Gogokokoroko is one of my 'Fake african memories' compositions, I already recorded a powerful version with the 'Kargyraa Krew" Kolja Simon, Felix Mönnich and Martin Pässler (www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN8s7lMUCJk). The Para Hybrid-Version I uploaded on soundcloud emphasizes the polyrhythm and polyphony I originally had in mind when composing the track. For now I tried to make it sound like taking the bus in india - I guess I will do other versions that have less nervous energy. Like with Fek Ber, I designed the overall shape of the composition, but let the random mechanisms of the ableton live software execute the actual combinations.

Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

Fek Ber

This is a composition of mine that belongs to my "Fake african memories" works. In these works I am mixing polyrhythms inspired by Pygmy and west-african music with the techniques of overtone singing and throat singing.
Starting with song-type structures, after a while I realized that I wanted something less clear - I love the "always the same/always different"-impression when listening to pygmy music. So here I tried to organize the musical material in a similar manner, mimicking a group of people gathering and singing always the same phrases, but in a loose way, without discipline.
To achieve this I heavily related on ableton live´s options to include chance in what is played next. I recorded all the phrases and then the software did the actual combinations within the rhythmic frame. Playing the set again would result in a different version of the composition, so, as I read just today, it is a form of 'generative music', as Brian Eno names it. I am looking forward to perform this live with a group of singers and musicians...

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Shibari loops

In december 2012 we - Para Hybrid & Genia Mascara - did an improvised set at the bondage jam at Schwelle 7, Berlin. At this jam, people practice the art of erotic bondage in a cultivated atmosphere - an atmosphere which attracted us to participate in a musical way. For Shibari loops I mixed loops that were recorded during this improvisation with loops from other recording sessions. Arranging these loops, I decided to go for lots of repetitions, which may cause boredom, but may also bring about a calm and focused sensuality and that is what seemed special to me at that bondage jam. Here it is: