Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Guitar patterns in two layers in 2:3 ratio

Here is an example of varying a tune by layering it´s pattern in two different tempos in the ratio of 2:3. I play them succesively into the looper of ableton live. The looper is set to record 12 bars. When the pattern is played slowly, it is 4 bars long, so I play it 3 times. Played fast, it is two bars long and thus played 4 times until the looper repeats both.
I love the floating quality created by these layers with their differing accents.

Here is a mash up of two patterns of different compositions of the Fake African Memories - Mascara and Void. Like in the example before, their tempos are in a 2:3 ratio.

My goal is to build an ensemble that is capable to play different layers like this simultaniously. To me, this totally kicks ass.

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