Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

Video snaps of Para Hybrid & Kargyraa Krew Gig

Two videos of the Gig in Odonien 12/2010, at the GKA-event.

Bijuti has a nice look (in spite of the bad youtube-quality), but the sound is not really good.

Mascara sounds a bit better and is fun to watch, but not as poetic as it is in my head.

It took the video recordings quiet long to reach me. When they finally arrived, I was not so thrilled with what I saw. For the audience, it must have been an interesting gig and we had fun on stage, but all in all this is not what I am after.

In the meantime, I have been looking in different directions how to improve that. I participated in a workshop on african vocal polyphony with Anita Daulne, did an electronic set with my band Blotch at the festival Zytanien and moved into my own music-studio...

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